Monday, January 4, 2010

My Make Delicious Stuff Challenge

Holy crap, I haven't posted since 2008?! Oh well, I don't believe in apologizing for not blogging, unless you're in charge of keeping the nation informed about the flu epidemic or have a cookie-of-the-week blog or something like that. But it's the start of the new year, one that I'm starting out with a cold, so I am looking for something to do, besides eat, while stoned on Alka Seltzer Plus. But I'm also filled with that new year spirit of starting something new, and hoping to create more balance in my life through creative pursuits.

I feel like making something. I often do. Something pretty, usable, useless, small, giftable, edible, glittery, something, anything. But I tend to get in my own way by researching, planning, collecting, contemplating, rather than making. My Delicious account is evidence of this. So my little project, for as long as I feel like it, at whatever intervals I feel like, is to make stuff that I've bookmarked in my Delicious account. Cookies, granny squares, paper garlands, pincushions, handmade books...who knows what I'll manifest into material world from those 1300+ bookmarks? I'll post my productions, small, stolen, improvised, failed or gorgeous. Wanna join me? What's in your Delicious account, forgotten inspiration, waiting to emerge?

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Steph Wright said...

I never thought of using my Del account for recipes but I can certainly start. I'm always afraid that web pages with recipes I bookmark will go away and my recipe will be gone forever. So do we get to sample the results of your creations? ;)