Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jackson update

Disclaimer: this is a post about my cat.

Now that I've filtered out a few readers, I wanted to share some sad news about Jackson with the rest of you, especially those who already love/know of/are in awe of him. We learned last week that he has chronic kidney failure, and now we're just savoring this undetermined number of months caring for and enjoying his handsome self. And because he's always been in charge, we'll continue to jump when he demands breakfast, slink away from his stares that explain that you're sitting in his spot, and watch him hiss, spit, and punch full-bore on the dog.

Jackson spent three days in the hospital last week, where they flushed his kidneys to bring them back up to something like normal function. He responded well to treatment, and since he's been back home, he's comfortable, acting normal, eating his new boutique food, and working it like a pro. We have to give him subcutaneous fluids daily to keep him hydrated, which involves getting him to sit still for a few minutes while 100cc's of something (saline?) flow into him through a hefty, but sharp needle. He couldn't be more cooperative and patient, and I'm finally getting to the point where I'm not shaking like a leaf and sweating like a quarterback every time I do it.

In the picture above, Jackson's the B&W guy on the left. Bob on the right. Notice the "don't f@#$ with me" expression. That's pretty accurate. But at the end of the day, he's a sweetie, like a really hot gangster with a heart of gold.

Thanks to everyone at Elliott Bay Animal Hospital. Without exception, every person we've interacted with there has been caring, thoughtful, and helpful. I can't say enough about that team.


JenWaller said...

Well, crap. I'm so sorry to read this. I hate that I'm hearing so many sad animal stories lately. I'm sorry for the animals and their human companions. It sucks all the way around.

I hope you can keep Jackson comfortable. I'm guessing he has quite awhile to go yet. He looks looks just feisty enough to stick around :-)

Take care of yourselves too.

J said...

Damn. Sucko central.

You know my badass alleycat Oscar had FIV and I went through several years of different drugs and treatment with him. I also took care of a cat for a few weeks that I gave the subq fluid 'injections' to. It scared the heck out of me at first too (I had to get my nurse sister to help me) but then you get good at it and the kitty doesn't notice much.

Let me know if there is anything I can do. If I could knit or crochet I would make a blanket for Jackson that he could rip apart :)

J said...

"J" apparently stands for Jennifer Sundheim. I don't remember opening an account but when I did, I guess I just entered "J".

Jesse said...

Bummer. Now that I live with a cat too, I know how much it would suck if something happened to him.

Be well, Jackson. If I could pet you through the interwebs, I most surely would.

Kate said...

Aw, Emily, this is a tough thing to go through. Elliot Bay Animal Hospital is a great place. Jackson is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have him.

Bron Richards said...

Your description of Jackson's attitude and confidence brings a smile to my face - even though I feel sad within that he's got a serious condition going on. You have created a wonderful nest of animals-as-friends - so colorful and interesting, just as the two of you are. Love is in abundance.

hana said...

So sad to hear about this. Poor Jackson. He's had a great life with you though, at least.

KDub said...

So sorry Emily! Our beloved Jack, a sheltie passed away 2 1/2 years ago from kidney failure. He took a big downward turn so we knew it was time. We were all terribly devasted and didn't get a new puppy for a year & half because we missed him so!! I hope your kitty can fight the battle and hang in there. Jack got it b/c of contaminated food from china...very ticked about that since we'd still have him outside of that not to mention the suffering.

Hang in there and know your fury gangsta loves you for it all!----Kim (brown)