Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodbye Jackson

Last night we said goodbye to Jackson, our exceptionally handsome, very good kitty. A while back he was diagnosed with kidney disease, when we thought we'd be lucky to have a few more months with him. Instead, he took his treatments like a champ and gave us another year and a half of bonus time together.

Jackson was reserved, but not shy of making his wishes clear to members of the household. He might not have chosen to add another cat and a pug to the family, but took his responsibility for maintaining order seriously. He quickly learned that the other cat was essentially a hot water bottle and useful for cuddling on chilly days. And he relished delivering the occasional right hook to the dog. He was fond of Greg's shoes (freshly worn), sun patches, catnip, newspapers, and was clever enough to deposit white hair on my black clothes and black hair on my white clothes. He was sweet and good and beautiful. We'll miss him very much.

Thanks to everyone who's been so helpful and supportive, especially Dr. Sherrie Crow at Elliott Bay Animal Hospital, whose expertise and compassion helped us make the most of our time with him.

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KSBeth said...

So sorry for your loss. He was a lovely boy.