Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cork in it

When I started a blog, I vowed to never apologize for lapses in blogging, a pet peeve of mine as an avid blog reader. I'm not gonna start now. But Tasha said she was tired of rereading the Tosca post, yo, so I'm dusting off my Blogger password.

This month's hobby, and for a few months to come, is sorting through my belongings and paring them down to the essentials. We may be moving in the fall and after living here for eight years, longer than I've ever lived in any home, I'm not underestimating the scale of the task at hand.

Today's disposal: wine corks. As a crafter, I harbored the believe that something aesthetically fascinating would eventually come from these bite-sized beauties. But no such project has revealed itself. So when I read about this company in Missouri that makes tiles from wine corks, I knew my orphan corks had found their destiny. I'll send off my little shoebox-o-corks on Monday, but I'll hold on to the memories, fuzzy as they may be, of the many bottles we consumed to make those tiles.


Missouri Wine Girl said...

What a great way to reduce, reuse, recycle! Cheers!

Tasha said...

Bravo! You put a cork in my stagnant blog complaint, eh? Scott and I vowed to live apartment-wise in the new (and much larger) house space, so I will follow your lead and Freecycle my collection of popsicle sticks.

Off to aerate my own blog,