Tuesday, February 5, 2008

National Pancake Day

Now that I've got your attention, it's time to talk turkey, or rather, pancakes. That revered NGO, the International House of Pancakes, tipped its hat to the United States' presidential primaries and unilaterally declared that National Pancake Day would be moved back a week so as to not detract from this most important of democratic processes.

So let's take this opportunity to sit with our friends and neighbors to discuss the future of our nation over a FREE short stack of flapjacks next Tuesday, February 12 at IHOP. That's right, free. Oh wait, it's better than free. If you pay for your pancakes like a decent human being, and you happen to be sucking down those carbs at a Seattle IHOP, all proceeds will go to support Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center's mission to prevent, treat, and eliminate pediatric disease. So go ahead, get some bacon on the side, take in that bottomless cup of coffee, and chat with your buddies about your political proclivities, your favorite new band, and what you'll do with your magic refund or lottery ticket, whichever comes first.


Jough said...

I've never heard IHOP referred to as and NGO, but technically that is correct.

Nice product placement of your new "favorite" band...would you happen to have some sort of connection to said band? Might we, as your loyal audience, question the authenticity of statement?

Although, I do believe you about the short stack. "Save the kids with some cholestorol intake"...anything for the kids!

Jennings said...

Hey Emily,
I love your clever writing. You are funny lady.
Have you had the pancakes at Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe? They are divine. I don't think they're free though. We should go get some sometime! ~Laura