Monday, December 31, 2007

Feliz ano nuevo!

A quick post to wish you all a Happy New Year! I also wanted to thank everyone in my life, a few of whom read my lil' blog, for all your support, encouragement, drinks, recipes, wacky websites, and for sharing your own human experience with me. I have strong hermit tendencies, but you all remind me that the true richness of daily life is in the human contact that I'm occasionally smart enough to seek out but usually find thrust upon me, usually to my surprise and delight.

I'll also take this occasion, with only hours to spare, the Center for Disease Control's Fruit/Veggie of the Month: root vegetables! I have not yet experienced for myself what magic lies in the rutabaga, parsnip, or turnip, but if you've got a recipe to convert me, please share! But beets....ahhhh beets. I doubt I fully enjoyed a beet until adulthood, but now I'm hooked. And of course, they're good for you. Anything that stains your cutting board like that has got to have lots of cancer-fighting something in it. And since few people around me like them, I usually get to keep them all to myself.

Feliz ano nuevo, everyone! Let's work for peace, health, and other stuff that we believe in this year.

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Tasha said...

Happy new year, Emily! Check out "jerusalem artichokes", also known as "sunchokes". My grandpa used to grow them and extole their virtues. I've tried planting them in my yard but because I'm half-assed about these things and they're root vegetables, I very well might be sitting on an underground sunchoke goldmine. You can boil them and smother with butter to take advantage of their unique texture, but I prefer to slice them thinly with a small amount of salt and cook like baked fries. Root! Root!