Friday, March 23, 2007

I hadn't planned on an exciting day, but as I reflect, I see a chilly gray day filled with a few of my favorite things. I rode the bus downtown to tutor Leonardo at the jail, had lunch with Greg, and visited an Asian grocery in the International District. Along the way, I gathered a few useful tidbits to share with you:

  • For you vegetarians who have been craving organ meats, you'll find vegetarian kidney at Viet Wah Super Market. Other sweet and savory treats: frozen dade (some kind of larvae. If you know what kind or how to cook it, do tell), big pomelos, cow penis and uterus (the yin and yang of beef offal), pretty little black sesame candies, cuttlefish balls, veggie chicken ham, cream puffs, and dried mussels.
  • Crafty upcycling ideas from jail (via Leonardo):
    • If the correctional officers take away your playing cards, make new ones out of milk cartons.
    • No mirror? Make one from the reflective insides of a potato chip bag.
    • Sculpt decorative flowers from toilet paper. Great Mother's Day gift.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The formula for simple interest is i=prt, where p is the principle, r is the rate, and t is time.
    • The deadline for King County Metro's Poetry on Buses contest is April 30, 2007.

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